Health & Safety

Folegandros Stars Hotels possess a great interest for the global and the domestic public health. As the safety and well-being of our guests is the greatest priority to us, we have implemented a strong safety system to create an environment in which you can be assured you are safe. Our sole intention is to provide a high level of excellence in our services; and, turn your stay with us into a heavenly experience.

All our hotels are operating since the 15th of June 2020 and we are ready to welcoming all of our beloved guests. We are committed to follow carefully all the protocols and health regulations settled by the Hellenic Republic as long as all the specific requirements that have been set by the National Public Health Organization. Furthermore, we will proceed to all the necessary adjustments in order to create a safe environment for everyone inside our premises.

1. Your transportation from and to the port:

  • The driver avoids hand-shaking and he has to wear his mask along the way.
  • All the passengers are obligated to wear their mask along the way too.
  • The driver ensures that all the windows are open in order for the bus to be filled always with fresh air.

2. Reception:

  • The Front Desk Agent:
    • Will wear mask during every time he/she is in contact with a guest.
    • Will take the temperature of all the guests during the check-in and if anyone has 37 ο Celsius or above, he will wait outside the hotel until the competent authorities and the doctors are informed and the required procedures to be done.
    • Will sanitise the room keys before giving them to the guests.
    • The financial transactions will be done through POS machine, untouched.
  • In the reception:
    • There are floor signs to show the appropriate areas that the guests can be stand in order for everyone to be complied with the distance rules.
    • A stand with information about the hotel’s operation has been placed on the reception.

3. Housekeeping:

  • Rooms:
    • All the rooms are highly cleaned and sanitised with steam cleaner between different guests’ accommodation.
    • The housekeeping service is avoided during the stay of the guests in order to avoid the team to get close to a possible infection and further carry the virus. HK service is possible only after the guests’ request.
    • The daily linen and towel exchange has stopped. This service is provided only after the guests’ request.
    • Keeping the doors and the windows opened daily to ensure effective ventilation.
  • Public Areas:
    • Floor signs to show the appropriate areas that the guests can be stand in order for everyone to be complied with the distance rules.
    • Provision of alcoholic hand gel in all the public areas to ensure hands’ proper antisepsis.
    • Augmentation of hygienic services in all the public areas.

4. Food & Beverage:

  • Breakfast:
    • ‘A la carte.
  • Pool Bar:
    • Only sealed nuts accompany all the drinks.
    • The personnel follows carefully all the protocols designed by the Hellenic Republic and the National Public Health Organization to protect hotel guests from the Covid-19.
    • The restaurant and the bar are operated according the effective legislative framework and all the measures included to it.
    • Plenty of alcoholic hygienic gel is placed on every Food & Beverage area.

5. Spa & Fitness Center:

  • Spa: One person during each session.
  • Fitness Center: 2 people on the same time because of the 2 separated rooms and only with a reservation in the Front Desk.

Our protocols and procedures are kept up to date and they are adapted according to all the suggested changes and improvements of the European and the International entities.

We would like to inform you that we carefully track all the international developments regarding matters of quality and safety in order to act effectively and to provide our guests with authoritative information at any time, according to the directions of the commanding Hellenic authorities.